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Offbeat's   ' JAZZTOWN '   article   by   Jason Patterson


The merger of a custom built 16 channel stereo mixing board in a brief case by me and a Sony PCM
701es digital converter with a Betamax Video Cassette Recorder sold by Alterman Audio was
the foundation for the JAZZTOWN recordings.  Around 1980 I was invited numerous times by
Jimmy Ford to assist with recording live music at gigs around New Orleans and at the Snug
Harbor venue in particular.  Eventually I started plans for building the compact stereo mixer
suited for live 2-track recording.  Small light weight inexpensive stereo mixing boards with all
the bells and whistles were not available then as they are today.  Each channel strip was to
have phantom powering, phase, line/mic switch, trim, -10 & LIMIT & +10 db leds, limit threshold,
6 point EQ at 50, 100, 250, 1000, 5000, 10000 HZ, EQ IN/OFF/EQ OUT switch, slide fader,
2 pre-sends, 2 post sends, stereo panning, and a stereo submaster assign switch to A B C D
stereo buses.  And finally, 4 effects returns with pan, 4 stereo submaster faders for buses
A B C D, a 10 level stereo display output indicator, and a stereo master fader.                        

Perhaps the most rewarding compliment that I ever received for this entire endeavor was from
Saxophonist   Earl Turbinton:                                                                                                        

"You Bad Man !  You Bad!  This is the BEST recording that I have EVER made in my life !"

                                                                                 - John DuBois  -  webmaster  -

Stereo Mixing Board by John DuBois circa 1985

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^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^

Professor Longhair
Al "Carnival Time" Johnson
Dr. John - Mac Rebennack
Allen Toussaint
Mahalia Jackson
Clarence "Frogman" Henry
Lee Dorsey
The Meters
The Neville Brothers
Art Neville
Aaron Neville
Cyril Neville
George Porter Jr.
Zigaboo Modeliste
Frank Assunto
Fred Assunto
Freddie Staehle
The Wild Magnolias
Johnny Adams
Smiley Lewis
Prince La La
Dave Bartholomew
"Grandpa" Elliott Small
Roy Brown
Tom Worrell

^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^

Cris Kenner
Oliver Morgan
Benny Spellman
Joe Jones
Willie Tee
Reginald "Reggie" Hall
Jessie Hill
Earl King
Eddie Powers
Tommy Ridgley
Huey "Piano" Smith
Snooks Eaglin
Shirley & Lee
Harry Connick Jr.
Willie West
Walter Wolfman Washington
C.P. Love
Johnny Vindigni
Benny Grunch
Ernie K-Doe
Eddie Bo
The Dixie Cups
Barbara Ann Hawkins
Rosa Lee Hawkins
Joan Marie Johnson

^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^
Ellis Marsalis
Branford Marsalis
Wynton Marsalis
Rebirth Brass Band
Delfeayo Marsalis
Fats Domino
Dave Bartholomew
Louis Armstrong
Louis Prima
Keely Smith
Irma Thomas
Frankie Ford
Ronnie Kole
The Hawks
The Spiders
Luther Kent
Randy Hebert
Wardell Quezergue
James Black
Mike Dagger
Sharkey Bonano
Lester Bouchon
Santo Pecora
Pete Fountain
Danny Barker
Al Hirt

^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^
Earl Turbinton
Alvin Batiste
Edward "Kidd" Jordan
Tony Dagradi
Steve Masakowski
Germaine Bazzle
Fred Kemp
Smokey Johnson
Alvin "Red' Tyler
James Rivers
Chester Zardis
Placide Adams
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Lenny McDaniel
Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion
Kris Sherman
Scott Sherman
Marshall Clyburn
Brice "Pinky Hatchett
Rick Stelma
Paper Steamboat
Mike Dagger
Ronnie Dobbs
Johnny Spade
Bobby T Torello
O. T. Ware
Pat Rush
Skip Easterling
Johnny Pennino
Joe Barry
Joe Lambert
Joey Long
Freddy Fender
^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^

The Threshold of Sound
Lee Hozenthal
Barry Hozenstal
Dave Johnson
Gene Colley
Wayne Molinary
Kenny Breaux
Paul Varisco & The Milestones
The Cold
Vance DeGeneres
Barbara Menendez
Cris Luckette
Kevin Radecker
Bert Smith
The Counts
Henry Butler
Pot Liquor
Deacon John Moore
Roger and the Gypsies
Earl Stanley and the Stereos
The Corvettes with Emile Guess
The Boogie Men
Harvey Jesus
Willie Lockett & the Blues Krewe
Billy Gregory
Tony D'Alessandro
Paul R. Boudreaux
Tom Worrell
Jon Aanestad
^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^

The Palace Guards
The Gunga Dyns
Beau Bremer
Neal Lundgren
Steve Staples
Mike King
Brian Collins
Ricky Hall
Mike King
Bobby Carter
The Gaunga Dyns
The Local Traffic
Mick Hassell
Buddy Bullard
Stormy Folse
Steve Morant
Mike Cottage
The Glory Rhodes
Ronald Tallent
Alan Johnson
Sal Serio
Rick Denson
John Laviolette
The Zoofs
Hoppy's Favorite
The Cold
Harvey Jesus
Danny Campbell
Gene Jacobi
Jay Palestina
George Gaudet
Joe Barbara

^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^

Kris Sherman
Scott Sherman
Dennis Cavalier
Vic Saladino
Tim Adde
Ivan Neville - Dumstaphunk
The Radiators - Dave Malone
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Harold Battiste Jr.
Bo Dollis
Chocolate Milk
Frank Richard
Amadee Castenell
Joseph Fox
Mario Tio
Earnest Dabon
Robert Dabon
Dewight Richards
James Booker
Vince Vance and the Valiants
TQ and the Topcats
Steve Monistere - "Smiley"
Jeff Hicks - "Belch"
Charlie Cucchia - Jake"
Gino Perez - "Keys"
Craig Tolson - "T.Q."
Glenn Casper - "Angel"
Sal Candilora - "Kookie"
Pat Campbell - "Choo Choo"
Jerry Nuccio - "Buddy Love"
Jimmy Bordelon - "Turkey"
"Rocky Tattoo"
Lil Queenie and the Percolators
Harry Mayronne

^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^

Trombone Shorty
Bobby Lonero
Olympia Brass Band
The Metry Dukes
Bobby Cure & The Summertime Blues
Pat Barberot Orchestra
Johnny Vidacovich
Stanton Moore
Better than Ezra
Woodenhead - Jimmy Robinson
Billy Gregory
The Infernos
Richard Rowley
Don Broussard
Tommy Ridgely
Bill DeArmas
Teddy Fletcher
George Patterson
Mike Raymond
'Big' Joe Turner
Carlo Nuccio
George Porter Jr.
Stop Inc.
Leo Nocentelli
The Normals
The Toyz
Cowboy Mouth
Les Moore
Penny Lane
White Tiger
The Blue Meanies
The Iguanas
The Topcats
Pat Campbell
Buzzy Beano
David Gamble
Robert Shulte
Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Review
Bucktown Allstars
Delta Mud
Ray Markase
Bill Van Pelt
Becky Curry
Butch Ohlmeyer
Jim Gentry
Bill Jaquillard

^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^

The Yat Pack
David Cook
Don Delahoussaye
Mike Kobrin
Larry Villalobos
Earl Roesch
AJ Dicharry
Wally Rabalais
"Big Al" Carson
Amanda Shaw
The Nobles
Ray Genovese
Maurice Trosclair
Steve Bacharach
Mike Wibel
Don de la Houssaye
Allan Linker Jr
Randy Hebert
Barklay Emmons
Bobby Ohler
The Fugg-Ow-Wees
The Dukes of Dixieland
The Jokers
Art Sevin
Roland Stone
Mike Ancona
Stark Whiteman
Harvey Jesus
Eddie Roth
Chuck Como
Art Sir Van
Ritchie Ladner

^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^

Buddy Bolden
Donald Harrison
Irvin Mayfield Jr.
James 'sugarboy' Crawford
Luther Kent
Little Sonny Jones
John Boutte
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
George Lewis
Steve Howard
Jim Moore
Lon Price
Allyn Robinson
Mark Campbell
Jeff Benenatto
Kenny Renfro
Hector Nieves
Jay Wolfe
Ralph Richoux
The Plastic Blues Band
Allyn Robinson
A.J. Dicharry
The Basement Wall
Duke Bardwell
Barry Edgar
The Greek Fountains
Johnny "Spade" Saltaformaggio
Leigh Harris
Little Queenie & The Percolators
The Matadors
Everett Link
Johnny DeFraites
Mickey Tureaud
Lamar Bourgeois
Jerry Jumonville
Frank Humbrecht
Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Review
King Floyd
Delta Mud
The Basement Wall
Barrie Edgar
Terry Bourdier
Richard Lipsomb
George Ratzlaff
Zena Moses & Rue Fiya
Carlo Ditta

^   S E L E C T    A     L E T T E R   ^

Souls of the Slain
Billy Klause
Carl Flesher
Jim Hutchison
Jerry Heinberg
Cornel LeBlanc
Super Submarine Marching Band
Emile Guess
Ace Torre
Paul Walther
Johnny Vidacovich
Better Half Dozen
Rickey Moore
Frank Maier
Steve Skambia
Ed McNamara
John D'Antoni
Tommy Hartegen
Ted Genter
Leaves of Grass
New Wave Brass Band
Soul Rebels
Aaron Neville
Kermitt Ruffins
Allen Toussaint
Wendell Eugene
Little Freddie King
Treme Brass Band
Jon Cleary
Marcia Ball
Charles Neville
Charmaine Neville
Tab Benoit
Major Bacon Band
Eloise Davis
David Renson
Bill Hjortsberg
The Iguanas
Joe Cabral
Doug Garrison
Rod Hodges
Rene Coman
August Alsina, singer/songwriter

Troy "Trombine Shorty" Andrews, musician

Phil Anselmo, musician

Louis Armstrong, musician and entertainer

Achille Baquet, musician

George Baquet, musician

Paul Barbarin, musician and composer

Dave Bartholomew, musician, composer, promoter

Sidney Bechet, musician

Better Than Ezra, rock group

Terence Blanchard, musician and composer

Buddy Bolden, musician, early jazz figure

James Booker, musician

Connee Boswell, singer,
member of the Boswell Sisters singing group

Helvetia "Vet" Boswell, singer,
member of the Boswell Sisters singing group

Martha Boswell, singer,
member of the Boswell Sisters singing group

Jimmy Bower, guitarist, drummer

George Brunis, jazz trombonist

Collie Buddz, reggae/dancehall artist

Henry "Professor Longhair" Byrd, pianist, singer

Paul Caporino, songwriter, musician,
lead singer of M.O.T.O.

Alton "Big Al" Carson, blues singer

Alex Chilton, songwriter, guitarist,

music producer,lead singer of the Box Tops

Jon Cleary, funk and R&B musician

Lee Collins, jazz trumpeter

Harry Connick Jr., musician and entertainer

Cowboy Mouth, band

Barry Cowsill, musician

Edmond Dede, musician, composer

Fernando del Valle, operatic tenor

Dr. John, musician

Johnny Dodds, jazz clarinetist and saxophonist

Fats Domino, musician

Lee Dorsey, singer

Tom Drummond, bassist of Better Than Ezra

Champion Jack Dupree, pianist, singer

Frankie Dusen, jazz trombonist

Ernie K-Doe, singer, "Emperor of the Universe"

Lionel Ferbos, jazz musician

Rico Love, singer/songwriter

Frankie Ford, singer, entertainer

Pete Fountain, musician, clarinet player,
jazz, pop, and swing

The Funky Meters, musicians and singers

George Girard, musician

Victor Goines, jazz musician,
Dean of jazz at the Juilliard School

Louis Moreau Gottschalk, pianist and composer

Kevin Griffin, musician, lead singer
for Better than Ezra

Donald Harrison, musician

Clarence "Frogman" Henry, singer and musician

Al Hirt, musician, trumpet, jazz, pop, and swing

Moses Hogan, musician, composer

Linda Hopkins, blues and gospel singer

Noah Howard, jazz musician

Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer

N.O. Joe, music producer, musician

Little Sonny Jones, blues singer

Freddie Keppard, jazz cornetist

Kid Ory, musician

Earl King, musician

Papa Jack Laine, bandleader

Nick LaRocca, early jazz figure

Meghan Linsey, singer-songwriter,
contestant from The Voice season 8

Dave Malone, songwriter, guitarist, music producer,
guitarist and vocalist in The New Orleans Radiators

Wingy Manone, jazz trumpeter, and singer
Branford Marsalis, musician, alto, soprano,
tenor, and baritone saxophones

Ellis Marsalis Jr., musician and educator, piano

Ellis Marsalis Sr., music patron, and advocate

Jason Marsalis, musician (drums, vibraphone)

Wynton Marsalis, musician, trumpet, cornet,
flumpet, flugelhorn

Irvin Mayfield, musician

The Meters, musicians and singers

Lizzie Miles, singer

Mr. Quintron, organist

Deacon John Moore, musician and bandleader

Jelly Roll Morton, musician and composer

Mutemath, band

Mystick Krewe of Clearlight

The Neville Brothers, musicians and singers

Ivan Neville, phunk, R&B

Randy Newman, musician

Frank Ocean, singer

Joe "King" Oliver, musician

Lisette Oropesa, opera singer, soprano

Jimmy Palao, musician, bandleader

Earl Palmer, musician

Nicholas Payton, musician

Marguerite Piazza, operatic soprano

Piggy D., bassist

George Porter Jr., musician

Louis Prima, musician (trumpet), singer, bandleader,
entertainer, aka "The King of the Swing"

Professor Longhair, musician

The Radiators, rock band

Mac Rebennack, "Dr. John"

Rebirth Brass Band, band

Trent Reznor, musician, producer

Kermit Ruffins, jazz trumpeter, singer and composer

Bill Sinegal, bassist and songwriter

Brian Stoltz, musician, songwriter, record producer

Stooges Brass Band, New Orleans funk brass band

Supagroup, rock band

Irma Thomas, rhythm and blues singer,
"Soul Queen of New Orleans"

Allen Toussaint, musician, composer, record producer

Trombone Shorty, trombone player

Spencer Williams, songwriter

Zebra, band

Bill Huntington, bass
John Vidacovich, drums
Clyde Kerr Jr., trumpet
Alvin “Red” Tyler, saxophone
Steve Masakowski, guitar
Ellis Marsalis, piano

James Singleton, bass
Leroy Jones, trumpet
Freddy Lonzo, trombone
Herlin Riley, drums
David Torkanowsky, piano
Tony Dagradi, saxophone
Theron Lewis, guitar
David Lee, drums
Richard Payne, bass/tuba
Nicholas Payton, trumpet
Ed Frank, piano
Earl Turbinton, saxophone

Mike Pellera, piano
Edward “Kidd” Jordan, saxophone
Kent Jordan, flute
Walter Payton, bass
Brian Blade, drums
Germaine Bazzle, vocals

Harold Battiste, saxophone
Delfeayo Marsalis, trombone
Peter Martin, piano
Michael Ray, trumpet
Chris Severin, bass
Smokey Johnson, drums

Emile Vinette, piano
Al Belletto, saxophone
George French, bass
Shannon Powell, drums
Marlon Jordan, trumpet

Fred Kemp, saxophone
Willie Metcalf, piano
Kerry Brown, drums
Charlie Miller, trumpet
Julius Farmer, bass
James Rivers,
Henry Butler, piano/vocals
Jason Marsalis, drums
David Pulphus, bass
Terence Blanchard, trumpet
Ed Petersen, tenor and soprano/saxophone
Lawrence Sieberth, piano/ synthesizer
Roland Guerin, bass
Adonis Rose, drums
Rick Trolsen, trombone
Richwell Ison, trumpet

Davell Crawford, piano/organ/vocals
Irvin Mayfield, trumpet
Donald Harrison Jr., saxophone
Chris Thomas, bass
Brian Seeger, guitar
Ricky Sebastian, drums

Tim Green, saxophone
Phillip Manuel, vocals
Jeremy Davenport, trumpet/vocals
Carl LeBlanc, guitar/banjo
Thaddeus Richard, bass/ piano/saxophone
Bill Summers, percussion
Edwin “Eddie Bo” Bocage, piano/vocals

Victor Atkins, piano
Troy Davis, drums
Jesse Davis, alto saxophone
Alvin Batiste, clarinet
Michael Ward, violin
Edwin Livingston, bass
Darrell Lavigne, piano
Herman Jackson, drums
John Mahoney, trombone/piano
Matt Perrine, bass/sousaphone
Eric Traub, saxophone
Wardell Quezergue, band leader/arranger/composer

Wilson “Willie Tee” Turbinton, piano/vocals
Maurice Brown, trumpet
Clarence Johnson, saxophone
Jaz Sawyer, drums
Neil Caine, bass
Dave Easley, pedal steel guitar

Warren Bell Sr., saxophone
Doug Bickel, piano
Tony Oulabula Bazley, drums
Mark Mullins, trombone
Porgy Jones, trumpet
Richard Moten, bass

Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson Sr., saxophone
Ed Wise, Bass
Ocie Davis, drums
Andrew Baham, trumpet
Roger Dickerson, piano/composer
John Boutte, vocals
Stanton Moore, drums
Steve Sutor, trombone
Frederick Sanders, piano
Rob Wagner, saxophone
Phil Frazier, sousaphone
Juanita Brooks, vocals
Roger Lewis, saxophone
Betty Shirley, vocals
Richard Knox, piano
Michael Skinkus, percusion
Edward Anderson, trumpet
John Rankin, guitar/vocals

Jessie McBride, piano
Dewey Sampson, bass
Efrem Towns, trumpet
Eliot “Stackman” Callier, saxophone
Stephanie Jordan, vocals
Geoff Clapp, drums
Michael White, clarinet
Teddy Riley, trumpet
Freddy Kohlman, drums
Louis Nelson, trombone
Danny Barker, banjo/guitar
Frank Fields, bass
Jeanette Kimball, piano
Pud Brown, clarinet/saxophone
Wendell Brunious, trumpet
Placide Adams, drums
Walden “Frog” Joseph, trombone
Kirk Joseph, tuba
Narvin Kimball, banjo
Walter Lewis, piano
Jerry Green, bass/tuba
Percy Humphrey, trumpet
John Chaffe, banjo/guitar/mandolin
Willie Humphrey, clarinet
Wendell Eugene, trombone
Steve Pistorius, piano
Harold Dejan, saxophone
Clarence Ford, clarinet/saxophone
Peter “Chuck” Badie, bass
Wallace Davenport, trumpet
Sadie Goodson, piano
Milford Dolliole, drums
Lucien Barbarin, trombone
Les Muscutt, banjo/guitar
Lionel Ferbos, trumpet
John Robichaux, drums
Charles Burbank, saxophone/clarinet
Frank Federico, banjo/guitar
Worthia G. Thomas, trombone
Jerry Adams, bass
Lloyd Lambert, bass
Don Vappie, banjo/bass/guitar
June Gardner, drums
Gregg Stafford, trumpet
Steve Pistorius, piano
Jack Maheu, clarinet
Tom Ebbert, trombone
Ralph Johnson, saxophone/clarinet
Lawrence Cotton, piano
James Prevost, bass
Lester Caliste, trombone
Gerald French, drums
Emory Thompson (Umar Sharif), trumpet
Lars Edegran, banjo/piano/guitar
Alvin Alcorn, trumpet
Tom McDermott, piano
Louis Cottrell, drums
Don Suhor, clarinet/saxophone
Eric Glaser, bass
Steve Blailock, guitar/banjo
Blue Lu Barker, vocals
Bob French, drums
Curtis Mitchell, bass/piano/vocals
Frank Naundorf, trombone
Wes Mix, banjo/guitar/trumpet/ cornet/trombone/tuba/vocals
Phamous Lambert, piano/vocals
Pete Fountain, clarinet
Kermit Ruffins, trumpet/vocals
Ernie Elly, drums
Manuel Crusto, clarinet/saxophone
Olivia “Lady Charlotte” Cook, piano
Clifford Brown, guitar/banjo
Anthony “Tuba Fats” Lacen, tuba
Scotty Hill, trombone
Dave Bartholomew, trumpet/vocals
Tim Laughlin, clarinet
Warren Battiste, guitar/banjo/bass
Maynard Chatters, trombone
James LaRocca, trumpet
Bernard “Bunchy” Johnson, drums
Erving Charles Jr., bass
Rickie Mone, piano/woodwinds
Al Broussard, piano/vocals
Jacques Gauthe, clarinet
John Brunious, trumpet/ fluegelhorn/piano
Frank Oxley, drums
Craig Klein, trombone/tuba
Mitchell Player, bass
Neil Unterseher, banjo/guitar
Mark Braud, trumpet/ fluegelhorn/vocals
Corey Henry, trombone/vocals
Mark Brooks, bass/vocals
Evan Christopher, clarinet/ saxophone
Mari Watanabe, piano
Herman LeBeaux, drums
Joe Torregano, clarinet
Jack Fine, cornet
Wanda Rouzan, vocals
Paul Longstreth, piano
Kerry Lewis, bass
Herb Taylor, drums
Benny Jones, snare drum
Tom Fisher, clarinet/saxophone
Charles Joseph, trombone
Duke Heitger, trumpet
Kevin Morris, bass Lionel Batiste, bass drum/vocals/grand marshal
Ernest “Doc” Watson, saxophone
Thais Clark, vocals
Stanley Joseph, drums
David Boeddinghaus, piano
James Andrews, trumpet
Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews, trombone/trumpet
Detroit Brooks, banjo/guitar
Gregory Davis, trumpet
Tom Saunders, tuba/bass/ saxophone
Lawrence Batiste, drums
Doreen Ketchens,clarinet
Topsy Chapman, vocals
Louis Ford, clarinet/saxophone
Jamil Sharif, trumpet
Cayetano “Tanio”Hingle, bass drum
Kerry “Fat Man” Hunter, snare drum
Woody Penouilh, sousaphone
Banu Gibson, vocals
Joe Lastie, drums
Alton “Big Al” Carson, tuba/vocals
Connie Jones, trumpet
Tom Sancton, clarinet
Glen David Andrews, trombone/vocals
John Royen, piano


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